4 Glass Packaging Trends in 2022

4 Glass Packaging Trends in 2022

Glass packaging has never been more popular as more brands and businesses are looking for more sustainable options to use in their products and packaging. The current scope of the glass packaging market is estimated to be valued at $12.36 billion dollars between 2021-2025 with the various industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care packaging. As we begin planning marketing strategies and product launches, we’re examining the forecast for glass packaging trends in 2022.

The Glass Industry Is Going Sustainable

Typical glass packaging options include bottles, jars, ampoules and vials, and cartridges which are used across the segmented industries. The varied use of glass packaging makes it a popular item and a consumer favorite with socially conscious customers like millennials who have proven to support companies that demonstrate they care about their effect on society.

One of the key factors that is changing the glass packaging landscape is sustainability and eco-friendly options for products. Sustainable packaging can vary across each industry, but all boils down to sourcing, developing, and using packaging solutions that have a minimal impact on the environment. Incorporating sustainable packaging into your products can not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but increase brand loyalty, expand your customer base, and lower your shipping costs.

Glass packaging has proven to be a sustainable option because it is non-toxic and does not have any chemical additives that can dilute the quality of the product. The current landscape of the glass market has seen the most innovation in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries which have gone to great lengths to adapt the production of glass packaging for their products. During the pandemic, pharmaceutical quality glass became an essential part of packaging and production of the COVID vaccines and shipment to other countries.

The beauty industry saw major brands like Chanel opting for environmentally responsible packaging with a lighter weight glass and organic ink to reduce their carbon footprint. The act of recycling has become another crucial aspect of the sustainability movement since recycled glass can be used to make bottles and jars. While the act of sustainability has become a game-changer for the glass packaging industry, there are more emerging trends coming out this year.


Packaging Trends to Watch in 2022

Trends can feel fleeting, there here one day and gone the next. However, the glass industry is finding new and innovative ways to reinvent itself. The beauty industry is consistently trying to meet consumer demands to create new product packaging and to meet growing concerns over being more eco-friendly. This year we’re going to a shift in beauty and cosmetics making a move towards “glassification” by moving away from plastic and switching to glass products for luxury items like fragrance bottles.

With the skincare industry growing 4.4% between 2019-2025, consumers are looking to focus on natural and organic options and that means packaging that won’t dilute the product with toxins and allergens. This will challenge glass manufacturers to meet the demand for luxury glass bottles with new shapes like inner and outer molded glass and designs evoking sensuality.

Food & Drink Packaging Trends

The global growth of glass trends has also expanded to containers in consumer goods like alcoholic beverages and the food industry. Glass bottles have been on the rise since 2020 and the increased consumption of alcohol, carbonated drinks, and bottled water has resulted in more brands investing in glass over plastic or metal.

The global pandemic has also had a direct effect on the consumer need for more hygienic options to hold food which has led to an increase of glass packaging in bottles, jars, and tableware. Glass is reusable, recyclable, and is a safer alternative to plastic. We’ll see more businesses looking to blend the consumer demand for sustainability with the benefits glass packaging can bring to their brands.


How to Innovate Glass Packaging With Design

While many industries will move towards using glass packaging with their products, they will need show-stopping designs to grab the attention of their target audience in their market. Product packaging can be the make-or-break decision for consumers who are on the fence about where they want to invest their dollars. Currently, 70% of buying decisions are made in-store which means your products have the ability to truly influence a consumer through branding.

This year glass packaging will focus on how to create designs that help enhance branding with retro designs, gradient colors, and storytelling. Branding is a pivotal aspect of telling your audience who you are and what you are selling. 2022 will see an increase in packaging designs that include geographic and cultural influences to help convey the brand story.

Depending on the industry, there are limits to the types of designs used on the bottle but propel businesses to get creative instead of hindering them.


Nostalgic Packaging Trends

Nostalgia is coming back in style. Incorporating popular 2022 design trends such as text-centric design, 90s and 2000s nostalgia is a fun way to change your branding templates this year.

Text-centric designs will encourage businesses to focus on typography instead of imagery and illustration to fill the white space of labels or packaging. If you’re feeling nostalgic, early Y2K aesthetics will bring genres of punk, pop, grunge, and experimental designs that are appealing to a younger demographic.

Global fashion is also having a large influence on glass design by scaling down on “in your face” branding and using gradient colors for a more minimalist aesthetic to the design. With so many options to consider, there are several design trends you can use in your business to help strengthen your connection to your customers.



Regardless of which design or trends you choose to pursue, various industries are discovering new and exciting ways to change their glass packaging. Glass manufacturers should look to create their bottles, jars, etc. to meet the needs of the brands and businesses who will soon be clamoring to make the big switch in their products.

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