A Guide to Product Closures: Packaging Lids, Caps, and Tops

A Guide to Product Closures: Packaging Lids, Caps, and Tops


Products come in all sorts of bottles and jars. To ensure your products are properly sealed, choosing the right product closures is important. In this guide, we break down the lids, caps, and tops that best accommodate the glass products.


Choosing the Right Closure for Bottles and Jars

You consider the presentation — the aesthetic your product has, how your product can grab a customer’s attention. And you consider the perfect functionality, keeping your product air-tight & safe or allowing for easy dispensing.

A product that’s not properly packaged may see setbacks. To make sure your product doesn’t end up spilling on someone’s carpet, keep these questions in mind as you read through our article:

  • Will your product be safe in its packaging?
  • Do you want your product closures to draw attention? If not, should the jar, bottle or its contents take all the spotlight?
  • What closure will make the most sense to the consumer?

Another factor at play with threaded packaging is product dispensing. If a pump or mister is not firmly secured to your packaging, that makes it tougher on your customers to use your product as intended. Threaded dispensers like ours guarantee no fumbling of lids and smooth portioning of product.


Threaded Closures for Jars and Bottles

Products of a thin, liquid consistency always run the risk of spilling. Even the tightest snap-on cap may not be air-tight enough for a horizontal soap dispenser.
Make it easy for your customers. Using a threaded top is ideal when gravity works against your product.

The threading ensures a tight seal, prevents spills and helps your product last longer in the customer’s hands — encouraging a repeat-purchase.

Below, you’ll find a chart of our picks for threaded product closures, their benefits, and the industries they accommodate.





Metal Screw Cap

Prevents airflow, polished design.


Plastic Screw Cap

Prevents airflow, practical & smooth design.

Bath & Body

Orifice Reducer

Use under lids or caps, prevents over-pouring.

Bath & Body

Classic Pump

Dispenses even portions.

Hand Soaps, Sanitizers & Lotions


Non-Threaded: Corks and Snap-On Lids for Jars and Bottles

Threaded tops, such as screw caps, are best paired with threaded jars and bottles that carry air or leak-prone products. 

But for products that can be closed with a cork or snap-on lid, these unthreaded tops may be the best options. Such non-threaded closures have their unique benefits as well.


The Benefits of Non-Threaded Product Closures

A non-threaded closure is an option of convenience. It opens quicker and it closes quicker. And it might make a hollow, echoing sound that the customer is used to hearing when they open similar containers. 

Consumer experience is everything, and easy access is a step in the right direction.

Below, you’ll find a chart of our picks for threadless closures, their benefits, and the industries they accommodate.





Natural Bamboo Lid

Tight seal, light & refined design.

Candles, Bath & Body

Tapered Agglomerated Cork

Keeps product dry, rustic & traditional design.

Candles, Bath & Body

Snap-On Cap

Easy opening, modern & simple design.

Bath & Body

Stainless Steel Metal Pourer

Controllable pours,
slick design for bars or liquor cabinets.

Dish & Hand Soaps

Stainless Steel Metal Pourer With Cap

Controllable pours,
smooth & functional design.

Dish & Hand Soaps

The remainder of this article will focus on specific industries, explaining why the product closures that cater to them do so effectively.


Choosing the Right Lid for Your Candle Jar

Every good candle has a tight seal to keep the fragrances fresh. 

The candle lid should also be easy enough to open, but tight enough to keep consumers from smelling the candle after they’ve closed it. A rubber, plastic or foam liner helps if the fit isn’t secure as is. 

Metal, glass, and bamboo all have a refined look to well-suit your candle. In particular, a metal screw cap can look amazing on your candle. 

Alternatively, glass or bamboo lids also look great. In place of simplicity, they have more of an esteemed-yet-rustic appearance than the metal top.


The Best Jar Lids for Bath Salts

In place of cork, you might prefer the look of a metal screw cap. Ours are all lead-free, BPA-free, and recyclable. They have a simple but polished design, making your product standout amongst the competition.


Dispensing Pumps for Soap, Hand Sanitizer and Lotion Bottles

For these industries, it’s a matter of being practical. People want to access thicker liquids like soap, hand sanitizer and lotion without making a mess. No one wants to scoop hand sanitizer out of a jar or shake a wide-mouth bottle of soap into their other hand.

Dispensing pumps are the ideal, and probably the only good, closure to use with these types of products. 

For obvious and unfortunate reasons, hygiene is a hot market right now. But don’t make your product the last one to leave shelves just because you didn’t think about the packaging.


Screw Caps and Corks for Jars and Bottles

To the consumer, it’s no secret that without proper sealing, products run the risk of spilling or leaking. 

You want an air-tight closure on the bottle, but you probably want a minimalist look here. A metal or plastic screw cap will serve you well. The threading keeps liquid from leaking out, and a plastic or rubber liner keeps air from getting in.

Of course, many products use corks for their bottles or jars. Especially if you’re branding “naturally-sourced” or “locally-produced,” the traditional cork is a fine option.


The Best Pour Spouts

Consumers love the idea of decorative soap bottles.  Accenting a kitchen or bath with a decorative hand soap or dish soap bottle with a unique pourer is something to make your product line stand apart.

The consumer wants to control how much they’re pouring. While this is doable with just an open-mouth bottle, it’s nowhere near as easy or satisfying as it is to watch the flow dispensing from a pour spout.

Our stainless steel pourer is perfect for non-beaded soaps.


Misters, Spray Tops, and Diffusers for Your Fragrances

Fragrances are all about preference. Whether it’s perfume, aerosol, incense or essential oils, everyone has their own palette. But naturally, the closure you want for your fragrance package depends on what kind of fragrance you’re selling. 

Be sensible here — how much fragrance do your customers want in one spray

Misters are best for potent fragrances where the user wants a minimal amount. For body fragrances, this is perfect.

Some folks take cologne straight from the bottle’s mouth, but it’s safe to assume most customers wouldn’t run the risk of soaking their skin. Spray tops work best for products where the spray volume is a little more noticeable. 

If you’re selling reed diffusers, our wooden diffuser tops are a great way to extend the fragrance from the neck of a bottle. Wood tops bring diffusers to elegant heights while still dispersing enough fragrance for the room.


The Best Lids, Caps, and Tops for Jars and Bottles

We do hope this guide has helped you make a more informed decision about picking the right closure for your product. Just remember, the customer’s experience with your product is a top priority. 

If you have a good product, it deserves good packaging! And no matter what type of cap or lid you’re in the market for, Nashley Glass Packaging has you covered.


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