Does Your Packaging Design Tell a Story

Does Your Packaging Design Tell a Story

A story remains the most powerful way to persuade, but how can packaging tell a story? Often it is this story that drives more value to one object even though two objects are offering the same product or service. Reflex answer for most is ‘brand’ but the story in the end becomes the true unfair advantage. All things even bottles, jars, jugs, and vials can have a story!

All of this comes to light within the results of an amazing experiment. 100 worthless objects were purchased from garage sales, thrift shops, and flea markets: plastic banana, cracked porcelain shoe, wooden mallet. Each item was equally unloved and cost an average of $1.25.

This all changed when multiple talented writers attached short stories to each object giving it new meaning then placing them for sale online. Results were jaw-dropping! An enormous rise in value was experienced. A 33 cent mallet sold for $71 and a 25 cent plastic banana sold for $76!

So we ask again, does your packaging design tell a story? Storytelling can attribute meaning and attach emotion to otherwise functional products elevating perceived value. Your packaging is a critical medium where your product and brand story should climax.

At Nashley Glass Packaging we strive to provide you a beautiful beginning to your story with a broad selection of rigid packaging and industrial supplies.

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