Packaging for Fragrance Products Guide

Packaging for Fragrance Products Guide

Learn more about packaging for fragrance products and suggested glass product specifications in our info-packed guide below.

In 2016, the global fragrance market is estimated to be worth over $40B USD. Leading those numbers is the home fragrance sector, with personal fragrance following a close second. Within such a tremendous market, the competition is fierce. How does a manufacturer make their products stand out?

A consumer’s first impression of any fragrance product comes from the product’s packaging. From container to closure to labeling, the components of a product’s package will have someone either reaching for it or leaving it untouched. Unfortunately, this happens even before they have a chance to experience a fragrance product’s scent.

Choosing that perfect container and closure is the first step in creating your product’s unique hallmark appearance. In addition to your product’s aesthetic, safety and cost factor equally in choosing the appropriate packaging.

Below we’ve curated a bevy of valuable information and Nashley Glass Packaging product offerings to help you in your search for the perfect product packaging.

Glass vs Plastic
As we’ve established in a blog on this topic, glass containers will always give a product a more luxe aura and higher quality feel. Glass has long been the preferred choice for fragrance packaging. Not only for its upscale look and feel, but for scientific reasons as well. Packaging fragrance products in glass bottles and jars plays three key roles:

  • Protect the product from outside elements. Glass offers superior protection for oxygen sensitive products such as antioxidants or oils. While dark glass is the perfect barrier for those products that can be degraded by exposure to light.
  • Protect product packaging from the product. Some fragrance products, such as perfumes and oils, contain solvents and formulas that weaken or dissolve plastic. As glass is impervious, it is superior to plastic for these types of products.
  • Protect the product from the packaging. Some fragrance formulas can leach chemicals out of a plastic container, thus negatively affecting the product’s stability over time. With glass there is never leaching or product contamination.

Home Fragrance Packaging
When it comes to packaging for home fragrance products, glass bottles and jars offer the best in both beauty and safety. Whether your packaging scented room sprays, diffuser oils or scented candles, there is a bounty of choices in every shape, size and color imaginable.

Our fragrance packaging collection includes glass bottles, jars and accessories for a range of home fragrance products. For the manufacturer of fragrance products for the home, our range includes glass bottles with corresponding misters for room sprays, bottles with diffuser tops for reed diffuser oils and candle containers for scented candles.

Container + Closure = Perfect Packaging
Below you’ll find suggested container + closure combinations ideal for specific home fragrance products.

Room Sprays: Choose 3 to 8.5 oz glass bottles with threaded neck, in clear or colors, paired with a mister top in black or white.

Reed Diffusers: Choose small glass bottles, with or without threaded neck in clear or colors, paired with a wood diffuser top with matching neck type.  

Candles: Choose glass jars in votive, round or square styles, paired with metal, cork or bamboo lid.

Personal Fragrance
Packaging personal fragrance products has never been easier and more economical than with recycled glass bottles and jars. For manufacturers of colognes, body sprays, scented bath oils, soaps and lotions, glass packaging will present any fragrance product in its best advantage.

We offer a wide range of glass bottles and jars with corresponding caps and dispensers perfect for packaging personal fragrance products. You’ll find glass bottles with mister tops for body sprays, glass bottles with pumps for scented body lotions and much more. Our glass packaging is made to industry standards with eco-friendly materials. Present your products to the world in glass packaging that is both beautiful and safe from our fragrance packaging collection.

Container + Closure = Perfect Packaging

Below you’ll find suggested container + closure combinations ideal for specific personal fragrance products.

Body Sprays & Cologne: Choose 3 oz to 8.5 oz  glass bottles with threaded neck paired with a mister top in black or white.

Scented Bath & Body Oils: Choose 3+ oz glass bottles without thread paired with glass ball top or plastic or metal top cork. Glass bottles with threaded neck paired with plastic or metal screw cap.

Scented Soaps & Lotions: Choose Glass bottles up to 16.9 oz with a threaded neck paired with plastic pump in one of several styles, sizes and colors.

Color Packaging
Packaging your fragrance product in a color container offers an interpretive way suggest to the consumer what scent they might find inside.  Find corresponding color options for all of our glass packaging products on individual product pages shown to the right of the main image.

Custom Packaging Design
Haven’t found the perfect fragrance packaging for your product line? Consider collaborating on a custom glass design with Nashley Glass Packaging. We offer production services and options for orders of 20.000 qty and above. 

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